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Before we decide to buy sex dolls online, one of the hardest decisions for almost all of us is to choose which store. However, among all the factors when choosing to buy sex dolls, material and brand is also an important role. In the last recent years, with many sex doll stores come into the market, the fake dolls also are immerging. At this time, you may wonder why the fake dolls are so hard to recognize, one important reason is that different factories have different formulas to produce the dolls. Then how to tell the high quality and fake ones, then the product reviews are important for us before buying. In this post, I would like to list some reviews of some toys online.

One. Blue Elf 158cm Sex Doll Silicone Lifelike Vaginal Toy for Men

1: She is made from Medical TPE, soft to touch and feeling nearly as real.
2: Fully articulated poseable mental alloy skeleton in core,makes her can pose in any position as a real woman.
3: All sex doll come with 3 holes (anus, vaginal, mouth) for your ultimate sex pleasure.


1. This is my first time to buy a doll. I don’t know what the additional functions are. Anne is very nice. She sent me a lot of videos about those functions. After consideration, I added jelly breasts. It feels soft. I haven’t bought any TPE breasts, so I can’t tell the differences between them, but the jelly breasts feel great! I highly recommend you buy it. Trust me, you won’t regret!

2. Nothing to say, the product is in perfect condition and complies with its description

3. I am very happy to bathe and touch her! After putting on the beautiful clothes I bought,it becomes more real and cute,so I think it’s great to be able to appreciate,touch and enjoy it by changing clothes! Recommend this store

Two:  Silicone sex doll robot cartoon full oral male sex doll

Real Silicone Sex Dolls Robot Beautiful Sexy Lifelike Life Size Love Doll


Arm Length58cm/22.83inch
Leg Length82cm/32.28inch
Feet Length20cm/7.87inch
Shoulder Width34cm/13.38inch
Mouth Depth12cm/4.72inch
Vagina Depth17cm/6.69inch
Anal Depth14cm/5.51inch


1. It’s a beautiful doll, very real, I ‘ve waited a while to be able to test the doll well, I chose the 150 model and the truth is it weighs, it would be ideal to be able to leave her sitting or by hand but in my case, I can’t have to be keeping her, it’s a delicate product, But this happens with everyone already warned me, maintaining relationships with her the feeling is very real and is that they are reproduced inside all their orifices. After each use it touches to wash it and is somewhat tedious as first water and soap, good rinse and then dry carefully and Powder talc, in addition to trying to dry your holes as much as possible. The good thing is, she’s very quiet and she lets herself do everything you like besides the real thing. How it looks and feels. The bad thing is the weight, it weighs quite a bit, I hope you will remove skeletons from light alloys or plastics since it weighs and the truth that in the end you are not the and moving her during sex you leave her the same way not to beat you up. Content

2. The product corresponds to the description. Packed well, reached fast. Looks pretty nice.

3. The breasts and upper arms were damaged probably due to wrong storage (too hot or too much pressure – lot of boxes on top of each other?) Anyway the doll got wavy markings from the bubble wraps in the package. Won’t go away. Now useless for us. We use the doll to draw and paint from, – not for sex. The seller admitted the fault, but just said I should put clothes on to cover the damage. One of the students can be a model with clothes on! Not why we bought it for. Seller then offered some sex toys we really don’t need. Is a really new model safer to not been demolished? It would have been cheaper to hire a real professional nude model as we used to… What to improve? Don’t stack boxes on top of each other! Those dolls are really heavy!

Third: 170cm real TPE sex dolls Japanese adult full oral love doll


Brand6Ye Doll
MaterialMedical-grade TPE & Silicone | Stainless Stee
Arm Length62cm/24.41inch
Leg Length89cm/35.04inch
Feet Length21cm/8.27inch
Shoulder Width37cm/14.57inch
Mouth Depth13cm/5.12inch
Vagina Depth18cm/7.08inch
Anal Depth16cm/6.29inch


1. The quality is so good. It’s really cost-effective. I really like it

2. Very fast delivery! Everything is wonderful! I recommend to buy!

3. Delivery is very fast! Everything is perfect! The service is gorgeous! I recommend!

4. Excellent selling. Excellent product.

5. High quality. Better than I expected

Forth: 165cm Real Nurse TPE Sex Dolls Japanese Anime Love Sex Doll


Brand6Ye Doll
MaterialMedical-grade TPE | Stainless Steel Frame
Arm Length60cm/23.62inch
Leg Length87cm/34.25inch
Feet Length22cm/8.66inch
Shoulder Width35cm/13.77inch
Mouth Depth13cm/5.12inch
Vagina Depth17cm/6.69inch
Anal Depth17cm/6.69inch


1. She look like in the picture. Very beautiful her vagina is very tight, I am very satisfaction.

2. Perfect love doll, top quality item, perfect gifts, thank you.

3. Very beautiful and 100% pictures. Good price, fast shipping, no additional taxes due to European warehouse, very friendly seller. Answers very fast in case of questions. Definitely 5 stars.

4. The product is excellent and works exactly as described and quite frankly has surpassed my expectation, and the seller has been excellent throughout the transaction. I highly recommend.

5. Beautiful doll, in the picture 100%. I like the doll.

Fifth: Silicone Sex Dolls 170cm TPE Sex Doll Realistic Big Boobs Real Love Doll


Brand6Ye Doll
MaterialMedical-grade TPE | Stainless Steel Frame
Arm Length62cm/24.41inch
Leg Length89cm/35.04inch
Feet Length22cm/8.66inch
Shoulder Width37cm/14.56inch
Mouth Depth10cm/3.94inch
Vagina Depth16cm/6.29inch
Anal Depth13cm/5.12inch


1. Its perfect, it fits good and looks exactly like the picture.

2. The product is excellent and works exactly as described and quite frankly has surpassed my expectation, and the seller has been excellent throughout the transaction. I highly recommend.

3. Very good quality products at an excellent price, Hope to do business with you again.

4. perfect quality, size is great. Thank you. Every thing is alright.

5. Before this seller, I tried others. In one case I was very unsatisfied received different doll from my order. In another case quality of the TPE was very bad and the doll ruined after just one month. This seller is the best

How to Choose the Best Sex Dolls Online?

When you are going to buy a sex doll, you need to think twice before buying.

– Do you intend to utilize her only for sex?
– Exactly what is crucial to you, touch or looks?
– Do you want to take hot baths with your doll?
– Just how much money are you willing to spend?
– What does it cost? time would you like to spend with your doll in matters of maintenance?
– Do you want to clothe her up in wonderful clothing?

The Pros and Cons of a Silicone Sex Doll


1. A silicone doll has one of the most ‘lifelike’ feel thorough the vagina as well as rectum of all doll kinds.
2. Easier to clean can be decontaminated.
3. The material is extra resistant to water and stains from garments.
4. Calls for less upkeep than TPE dolls.
5. Hypoallergenic material, like TPE.
6. It can keep heat, which makes it more lifelike.


1. Much more costly.
2. Butts, as well as busts, will certainly not wobble when you shake your doll backward and forward, as they would with TPE.
3. Can be a bit sticky to touch. One way to fix this is to scrub talcum powder all over your doll.
4. Not as soft as TPE really feels thicker and also thick to touch.

What’s more, some may want to know many other features, for example, which kinds of material are used to make sex dolls? Two main materials are covered whether they are Japanese sex dolls, Elf sex dolls, or mini sex dolls, they are TPE and silicone. Both of them are high quality and it feels just like real human skin. Why TPE and silicone are used? One. TPE is softer, bouncier, and it has no harmful components to your skin. In conclusion, if you want a soft toy to touch, then it is the best choice. They are hypoallergenic and odorless, so it is a great choice.

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