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Newest Sex Dolls & New Sexdolls 2022 & New Arrival Sex Doll

Nothing is set in stone. Everything is being updated. In fact, Sexdolls is constantly creating new ones. Usually, the newest sex dolls have attracted much attention. Everyone wants to buy the latest style of a love doll at the moment. Uusexdoll will list all new style dolls for you.Free & discreet shipping, Tax-free.

Most Recommended Pretty Sex Doll

The 156CM Natalia has a pair of charming big eyes. And her two tits are big and round, and her lifelike tits and vivid areola have attracted countless attention. Without exception, she is the most popular beauty sex doll.

FAQ About New Sexdolls 2022

The love dolls industry is developing rapidly. New styles appear every day. Of course, everyone likes to try new things. Indeed, the new dolls bring us many surprises. Learn about the latest dolls and help you buy the best high-quality love dolls.

The new sex doll has two concepts.

First of all, it refers to the doll that no one owns yet. With the maturity of love doll technology, many sexdoll factories will regularly create new dolls. These dolls will be more realistic.

Secondly, the newest one refers to realistic sexdolls with more function. For example, people have invented a doll that can moan, heat the vagina and even talk. This is actually the latest sex doll technology. However, such a doll is more like a sex robot. AI doll will eventually be the future trend of a real doll. With the development of artificial intelligence technology, AI sex dolls will become more and more popular.

No longer clamored to emphasize how lifelike sex doll is. Because the new dolls have more obvious characteristics: more durable, softer, more style, and more intelligent.

More durable

Just like other products, after upgrading, the quality has been greatly improved. The TPE and silicone sexdolls will become very durable. Because the sexdoll material will be better. The love doll factory handles the details better.

Old sexdolls may have leaky holes on the surface. But the new one is perfect. And the new love doll lasts longer than the old ones.


TPE and silicone are the main dolls materials. By the way, new sex dolls have a built-in metal skeleton. And new dolls are just like human skin. The built-in metal frame will also be upgraded. So new love dolls will be easier to have various sex positions.

More styles

New realistic dolls tend to show more beautiful faces. Their styles will be diverse. Such as pregnant dolls or shemale dolls and so on.

Fetishes may like pregnant sex. In reality, that is difficult. So consider this pregnant dolls. Others like shemale love dolls with tits and penis. Of course, they will have more styles. Only what you can’t think of, nothing you can’t buy.


Artificial intelligence is the trend of the future. Regardless of the industry, intelligence is the main trend. The same applies to dolls. So new things will have more functions.

Many people like to hear women groaning when they have sex. Maybe can groan. Some people like warm vaginas, dolls are equipped with heated vaginas. Some people like to talk to sex dolls, so the one can make a sound. Of course, there are more features.

However, sexdolls with more features are also more expensive. Because of the complex functions, the experience will not be very good when the technology is not mature enough. Sometimes, AI is not a very good thing. Because the original ecology has always been the pursuit of mankind.

Who doesn’t want to try new things? What’s more, in sex, everyone will feel bored. If you always have sex with the same person, you will be visually tired.

Then you checked all the online sex doll sites, and it is still those faces. How frustrating it is. At this point, you should try Google search for sexdolls. Screen high-quality suppliers. You have never seen these new styles. If the wallet allows, buy it. Try sex with a new one and enjoy a different sex.

In the future, the new sex doll will be infinitely close to humans. No matter how realistic the current doll is, there is always a gap between sex with real women. At present, love dolls cannot completely replace women.

Boldly predict that the doll can groan and talk in the future. That’s just a basic skill. In the future, will the doll get pregnant? This may be a fantasy. However, hundreds of years ago, would humans imagine that they could fly to the sky today?

Based on the summary of sex doll sales feedback, social platforms, and forums, people have a lot of demand for sex dolls. The future trend of dolls should be customized production according to customer needs.

Even now many online websites support customization. But the scope is still small. Customize dolls according to a certain photo. There are almost no customized services like this. This should be the trend of sex dolls.

Uusexdoll focuses on collecting all kinds of popular sex dolls. In addition to the popular doll, it also supplies many classic dolls. In short, you can buy any newest sexdolls from Uusexdoll.

Mini Love Dolls

The mini love doll is very popular. These mini-dolls are cheap. And it’s easy to move. Especially the mini-doll not only has a sexy ass and breasts, but also a very cute vagina.
If you are not satisfied with the feeling of pocket pussy, then this is undoubtedly the best choice. It does not hurt the wallet, but also allows you to have a complete woman. Yes, the small sexdoll is a lifelike woman. Soft breasts, beautiful mouths, and cute vaginas will help you enjoy a variety of sex. Buy the most realistic TPE mini-doll from Uusexdoll at the cheapest price. Lift her up and enter frantically.

BBW Dolls

Many people dream of having sex with plump women. Now, just buy BBW dolls. Uusexdoll is kept updated. You can find the BBW dolls from Usexdoll. Whether it is a TPE doll or a silicone doll, you can discover new styles. Not only a new face but also a new body shape. Such as the BBW doll with thick legs.

Flat Chested Dolls

Flat Chested girls look very sexy. Such a thin girl is fascinating. In Usexdoll, you can find a very beautiful flat-chested girl. Among these small breast dolls, some are porn stars, some are singers, and some are models. In short, you can find all flat-chested dolls from Uusexdoll.

Asian Sexdoll

Asian women are beautiful. Looks like a goddess. Asian sexdoll imitates Asian women. Black hair, white breasts, rosy nipples, and vulva are all charming. Maybe some people like Japanese women, and some people like Chinese women. Therefore, Usexdoll supplies a lot of Chinese and Japanese dolls.

Black Sexdoll

Black sexdoll is a different kind of doll. It is rare in the market. But it is very popular. Because Black sexdoll has great advantages in cleaning and care. In addition, there is an ebony sex doll. This kind of doll looks very sexy. It is basically designed based on Latin American women. Uusexdoll supplies these dolls and keeps them updated.

In fact, Uusexdoll supplies more styles of dolls. Including elf sex dolls, anime sex dolls, blonde sex dolls, and so on. However, due to the immature AI doll at present, to avoid bad sex experiences, Uusexdoll currently does not supply Ai sex robot dolls.

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