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Irontech Doll | Genuine Irontech Sexdolls For Sale

Irontech Doll is a high-quality sex doll brand. Uusexdoll lists all styles of Irontech Sex Doll. You will buy a genuine high-end sex doll at the best price! Free & discreet shipping, Tax-free.


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Best Selling

Irontech Doll is the best among the sex doll brands. The brand’s sex dolls are inexpensive and have realistic details that buyers love. We have a list of popular styles.


Irontech Dolls are made of high-grade materials and skeletons, any featured Irontech Dolls are the best lovers.

More Styles

We only supply genuine quality Irontech Dolls. You can buy more styles of Irontech Dolls here.

Most Recommended Irontech Dolls

161cm Suzanne is a sexy African American beauty. Her skin is ebony and she has F cup tits. And her big eyes and face look very beautiful. Want to date her?

FAQ About Irontech Sexdolls

Irontech doll is a popular brand of sex dolls. And the brand pays attention to details. So, Irontech sex dolls are very beautiful. And it looks lifelike. It is no exaggeration to say that beyond real people.

Uusexdoll is an authorized supplier of Irontech. List all genuine Irontech sex dolls. And Irontech sex doll head is compatible with other doll brands. This way you can enjoy more different sex styles.

Irontech is an authorized sex doll manufacturer. And they provide sex dolls with a height range from 3 feet 3 to 5 feet 6, covering the most complete style of realistic sex dolls.

All Irontech dolls are fully customizable. So you can choose various skin tones, eye colors, wig types, and nail colors, and decide whether to stand or not. In order to make the doll more real, each Irontech sex doll has a cleaning device, which allows you to control the temperature of the doll.

Uusexdoll is the official global supplier of Irontech sexdolls. Therefore, you can choose the most perfect classic Irontech doll from Uusexdoll.


Irontech is the best-authorized manufacturer by TDF, the largest sex doll forum. Indeed, they have unique characteristics in sex dolls. Their dolls look very realistic. And the quality of the skeleton is very good. So how does Irontech make a sex doll? Obtain the following brief steps from the Irontech factory.

1. Professional design team design sex doll sketch


According to Irontech officials, their designers and engravers are from top design schools. Therefore, it has advanced design concepts and superb wax carving techniques. This ensures that Irontech can design a beautiful full-body sex doll.

2. Patented sex doll skeleton


The specialized skeleton production department selects high-grade stainless steel materials. Then continue to summarize consumer feedback. Upgrade the skeleton. So their sex dolls’ skeleton has the characteristics of human joints. The magic is that the skeleton can adjust the degree of tightness. This is a breakthrough in sex doll technology.

3. Carving


Sex doll details are particularly important. The artists sculpted meticulously. Pursue the greatest degree of realism.


Such as the pores and hair of a doll. Of course, this is for the expensive silicone sex doll.

4. Makeup

Professional makeup artist designs Irontech sex doll’s head. So the sex dolls after leaving the factory look very beautiful.


In addition, the hair and eyebrows of the silicone sex doll appear to grow naturally. Lips are also very sexy. Their painting techniques reproduce the most real human characteristics. Even the areola, vulva, belly button, etc. look real.

5. Customization options

sex doll breast

Some people like trembling breasts and buttocks. Yes, in that case, sex is more real. Irontech supports such customization.

sex doll ass

6. Quality Control

Before each sex doll leaves the factory, they control the quality strictly. Make sure there are no problems before you start shipping.


All transportation guarantees consumer privacy.

Upgrade the skeleton

Irontech is a Chinese brand of technologically advanced and affordable TPE dolls. And the body has an upgraded skeleton, including double-hinged neck joints to ensure stability and various postures, locking head connection system. So the head is fixed by pressing down and clicking, instead of rotating like the traditional connection system. All dolls come with a practical hanging kit that can be stored upright.

Exquisite details

Irontech sex dolls have a metal frame, with realistic firmness, soft, soft, non-slip skin, and self-healing ability. And Irontech sex dolls have gel-filled breasts, articulated fingers, and human-like hair.

Beautifully designed

Irontech sex dolls are beautiful with incredible attention to detail and perfection. And they are one of the best dolls in the industry, with amazing features and unparalleled beauty. And these love dolls are truly unique. Irontech is well-known for its private areas that are particularly detailed and artistic.

Personalized customization

All dolls can be customized according to your needs. Irontech sex dolls have M16 neck and body connectors, this making them fully compatible with WM, YL, and OR dolls. And we have a complete Irontech Dolls series. If you can’t see the doll you are looking for here? Contact our team, we are happy to help you.

Advanced customization

Uusexdoll provides you with advanced customization services. Almost anybody type you can imagine can be found here.
We will provide any customized services you want according to your needs, such as eye color, skin color, hair color and length, breast size, vagina color, etc., as long as you want, we will do our best to realize your wishes.

High quality

Uusexdoll is committed to high quality and is committed to quality and creating a real human feel. Each doll is inspected by an Irontech in-house engineer before shipment, and then polished and quality checked by the manufacturer. Irontech sex dolls are equipped with the manufacturer’s cleaning device and heating rods, which allow you to control the temperature of the doll to make it feel like a real person.

At the time of purchase, you can decide whether you want it to have a standing function. Or, you can install metal sensors on the soles of your shoes and let the doll stand up on its own. And you can also choose a removable or permanent vagina. By removing it, the cavity is easier to clean.

Rich themes

If you are looking for sex dolls, our ready-made dolls come in a variety of body sizes, including dolls with large breasts up to the size of a P cup.
In addition, you can find male dolls, transgender “shemale” dolls, and female dolls of almost any size you can imagine. Most dolls have clothing and body themes, such as “gymnasts”, “beautiful teachers”, “sexy catgirls”, “cosplay”, “underwear models” or “workplace women”.

Popular Tags

After you’ve browsed the sex dolls above, you still want to check out more sexy and realistic love dolls. The following popular tags may meet your needs.

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