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165cm/5.41ft Asian Silicone Head Male Sex Doll-Rick

$1,999.00 Doll Gallery…

165cm/5.41ft Lifesize Silicone Head Male Sex Doll-Eliot

$1,999.00 Doll Gallery…

165cm/5.41ft Real Blonde Male TPE Sex Doll-Ming

$1,899.00 Doll Gallery Ready Doll Photos…

165cm/5.41ft Real Full Silicone Male Sex Doll-Bert

$1,899.00 Doll Gallery…

165cm/5.41ft Real Silicone Head Male Sex Doll-Curt

$1,999.00 Doll Gallery…

165cm/5.41ft Real Size Silicone Male Sex Doll-Chu

$1,899.00 Doll Gallery…

165cm/5.41ft Skinny Silicone Head Male Sex Doll-John

$1,999.00 Doll Gallery…

165cm/5.41ft Young Male Real TPE Sex Doll-Mata

$1,899.00 Doll Gallery Ready Doll Photos…

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Male Sex Doll | Sex Doll For Women & Gay | Newest In 2023

Male sex doll online for sale.Lots of strong and handsome sexdoll for women & gay for you to choose from.Free shipping,Tax-Free,Pay by Paypal & Credit Card.

FAQ About Male Sex Doll

That’s right. Men desire sex. In fact, women need sex more. All the time, it seems that women find it easier to find sexual partners. However, it still takes a lot of time to find a suitable sexual partner. Moreover, women now demand high-quality sex. In any case, if your sex life is not full and you need a high-quality sexual stimulation, then male dolls will meet your sexual needs and pleasure. Of course, male dolls are also suitable for gay use.

Both men and women have a special craving for orgasmic pleasure. There is a growing demand for sex dolls among women. Because the excitement and pleasure brought by male sex dolls is unique.Many things can be designed manually. For example, some women like handsome men with a big and thick penis. In reality, such a man may not be found. But under the category of male sex dolls, you can easily find it. Maybe this is what makes sex doll for women special.

Uusexdoll collects high-quality male sex dolls for women or gays. Satisfy sex pleasure. 100% protection of package privacy. Fast delivery. Free shipping worldwide.

Many people may wanna know how to use it, isn’t so easy? Fucking a male sex doll, just like making love with a man? Yes, but there are more details than you have already known. Many buyers write so many reviews about how to play with a sex doll.

Rough summary, putting the realistic sex doll in a position you want to use. Going down on male real doll, running fingers across tight abs and manly chest. Enjoying dildo sex, anal sex, or oral sex. So you should find a more playful way. Maybe for couples, he also is a good choice.

Sex with male sex dolls is actually a lot easier than you might think. Because the doll’s penis is always upright, you don’t need any prelude to get an erection. Just place the doll on the bed or on a flat surface. Let the male sex doll lie down so his oversized cock is waiting for you.
Now you just have to take off your panties and sit on the male sex doll, reach under his crotch, and start slowly stuffing his oversized cock into your vagina. If you have actually experienced the female upper position, then you will be familiar and skilled with this step.

After the penis is inserted, you can slowly move the pelvis by yourself, find the most irritating and most sensitive part of yourself and let the penis stimulate your orgasm. It might take some practice, but you’ll get the hang of it eventually.

Remember, male sex dolls do not move around or actively stimulate your vagina. You’ll need to do all the work yourself, and while it’s a bit of a hassle up front, it will take your sex experience to a better level.

After sex with the male sex doll, you can take it to the bathroom and clean the male sex doll with detergent. Get rid of the lubricating oil and female fluids that come out of your body. After cleaning, wipe him off with a towel and let him dry in the shade. Then put him in the box for easy use next time.

As human beings, our pursuit of better things is normal and very important. There are many people who feel that sex is difficult for people to talk about. However, now is the era of openness, and everyone has the right to do what they want to do. This is the case with sex dolls. Now, aside from the moral battles that sex dolls had to overcome a few years ago, there has been a qualitative change in the quality and effectiveness of these things that make people happy. Now they are very popular. We are also constantly trying to provide you with the best male sex doll.

If you know or use male sex dolls, then you will find that the price of sex dolls is getting higher and higher. We’ll answer your pricing questions to help you make an informed decision about which doll to buy.

What determines the price of a sex doll?


In the male sex doll market, there are two most common materials – TPE and silicone. The difference between these two materials plays an important role in determining the price of male sex dolls. Silicone male sex dolls have a rubber-like feel, and are heat-resistant and not easily deformed by heat. Also, they can be soft or strong, and they remain in their original shape over time. And the silicone doesn’t react when it comes in contact with chemicals, which means there’s no need to worry about damaging the male sex doll when cleaning with detergents. Due to their impervious nature, male sex dolls do not carry germs and are safe for you. When you consider all of this, silicone male sex dolls are more expensive than other dolls.

TPE male sex dolls feel more realistic and are generally lighter and softer than silicone dolls. One of the main advantages of TPE male sex dolls is that they are so flexible that they can assume a variety of sexual positions. However, it should be noted during sex that they are sensitive to pressure so do not squeeze or break them too hard. They are also more sensitive to heat, deforming easily and causing bacterial growth. That’s why they are cheaper than silicone male sex dolls.


With the advancement of technology, male sex dolls have become more and more realistic, and some can even do things that real people can’t do, satisfying your unexpected pleasure. Most of these male sex dolls maintain atmospheric body temperature. So when you have sex you will feel no different from having sex with a real man. Of course, with the advancement of technology, more technology will gradually increase the price.


If you look closely at a male sex doll, you will find that he is very delicate. If it were some of the more expensive male sex dolls, they would look even more stunning – because the male sex dolls were made with all the details and finesse that went into their production. Including hair, nails, makeup, eyelashes and realistic eyes, so the price of the product is especially important. Of course, with all of the above, it can take days to make a male sex doll that is both pleasing to you and to your tastes!

Now is an open society, everyone has the right to pursue their own preferences. For many women, it is difficult for them to achieve the orgasm they want, and male sex dolls work well. Male sex dolls will make you feel orgasm like never before.

Male sex dolls are mainly designed for women. This sex doll has a large penis, a good figure, and strong muscles. The concave penis, including the vivid glans and testicles, can make you feel extremely happy.

As the name suggests, male sex dolls are sex dolls made for women. Male sex dolls are the same as female sex dolls. It’s all about addressing sexual needs. The difference is that male sex dolls are made directly from males. In other words, we can keep his penis length and even make it longer. And the penis can remain erect all the time. Most of these male sex dolls are very handsome, that is, they look like handsome men. This is very much to your liking. I believe that most women like handsome guys with big penis and good looks.

In addition, these male sex dolls have a super-realistic appearance that is one-to-one with a real person. Including a handsome face and strong muscles. By the way, they also have lifelike testicles. And there are various threads on the testicles. Overall, he is your perfect sex partner. Some people may like young people. Of course, we also have a lot of young male sex dolls in our product, they look shy and will definitely satisfy your appetite.

There are so many options on the market when it comes to choosing male sex dolls. But before buying, it is necessary to understand their categories. Generally speaking, male sex dolls can be divided into two categories.

1. Sex Doll Torso

This is a different male sex doll. Because he usually only has one torso. But he still has an ass and a big cock. Of course, the testicles are also lifelike. And the muscles are very lively and strong. Such sex doll torsos are generally less expensive. The price is about $900. Basically, it can meet the physiological needs of women. If you like horseback sex, he can too. In addition, cleaning and placement are more convenient.

2.Life Size Male Sex Doll

This is the main part of male sex dolls. He possesses the complete anatomy of a normal male. Heights range from 140cm to 180cm. The weight is generally 60 to 80 kg. So you can feel what a real man feels like. Of course, you can also opt for lighter miniature male sex dolls.

Sex dolls of different heights have different penises. Such as long, thick, thick. There are also male sex dolls of different skin tones produced according to women’s needs. Mainly whites, yellows and blacks. There are also various hairstyles, such as long hair, short hair, curly hair and so on. Body shape is also different. Some are very muscular, some appear very thin.

The biggest feature of male sex dolls is that he has an oversized penis. The idea of sex is genital contact. In sexual life, orgasm can represent the satisfaction of love. So, if it’s because your sex partner doesn’t have a penis that lasts, then your sex life index is definitely not satisfactory. For sex dolls, don’t worry about that. Because his penis was long and thick, and it remained erect all the time. You can rub and stimulate your G-spot with this big dick until your orgasm comes.

Other than that, they are very handsome. Because sex dolls are works of art. So artists are perfect and full of artistry, all male sex dolls are like celebrities, and they are like a successful craft that is endearing and beautiful.

Also, their muscles are elastic. Because the material of the sex doll has been optimized, his skin feels more realistic and more exciting.

The most popular male sex dolls are made of silicone. For the authenticity of sex dolls, silicone materials are constantly being upgraded. There is no doubt that this is a material that is safe and harmless to the human body. Like an artificial dildo. If you know or buy sex toys, you should know liquid silicone dildos. It is understood that it is a food grade material. So sucking and kissing them is no problem. However, it is recommended to clean before and after use. Because you always take a shower before sex, don’t you?

First, women become sexually dissatisfied. The demand for male sex dolls is very high. So, almost every sex doll factory is producing male sex dolls.

At the same time, sex dolls appeared on gay, lesbian or transgender people. A new breed of sex is being given, so we’re seeing a growing interest in male sex dolls. According to statistics, women are loyal buyers of vibrators and male sex dolls.

Many women are single these days and have never experienced an orgasm. Or maybe the partner doesn’t make him feel much joy. There are even women who have never had sex. Women are emotional creatures, and they feel lonely and unbearable at night. Here we have a list of male sex dolls that will keep you up at night. If you are gay, then the same applies to you. It’s normal, people have the right to like things. This is very good news for you!

The best male sex doll is a very good choice for you. Want to have the most perfect sex? Buy realistic male sex dolls to your liking!

Based on consumer feedback, we provide the following introduction and summary to help you make a decision.


Male sex dolls mainly include two materials: TPE and silicone. In fact, for male sex dolls, silicone may be better because silicone is more supportive. Male silicone sex dolls have big hard cocks. Huge and hard dildos help women easily achieve g-spot orgasms. The advantage of TPE is to create soft, wobbly buttocks and breasts that feel pussy and anus even with real touch. In other words, for male sex dolls, TPE is better. So, if I needed to choose a doll for women, I wouldn’t hesitate to choose a realistic male silicone sex doll.

Height and weight

Most thick and tall female sex dolls will be sexy. Well, height is the main factor for men to consider when buying female sex dolls. But a tall sex doll means the male sex doll will be heavy because he needs more material to build. It is recommended to buy a big cock male doll of 150cm to 165cm. Therefore, you should ensure that you are fully able to position and move your toy before purchasing.

Consider custom options

Usually, for male sex dolls, you can customize a lot of options: big tits or ass, black or tan skin, wig color

But for male sex dolls, you can customize several options: black male sex dolls or white live dolls, eye color, etc.

However, if you want to pay more, you can customize more options.

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