Jasmine Sex Doll is a kind of beautiful BBW sex doll. You can see their curvy body with H cup breasts, round ass, and thick thighs clearly. In general, Jasmine sex doll is made from the WM TPE formula. They are becoming more and more popular because they are sensitive to allergies. And plus, high-quality material has no harm to your body, so you can use them without any worries. You can definitely use it for a long time with good care.

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Dominique: Thick Sex Doll 163cm/5.34ft BBW Sex Doll – Polly


163cm/5.34ft Life Size BBW Sex Doll Blonde Busty Mature Hyper Realistic TPE Full Body Dolls USA-Alta


163cm/5.34ft Realistic BBW Sex Doll Big Boobs Ass Busty American Sexy Real Love Dolls-Lisha


160cm/5.24ft Realistic Jasmine Sex Doll Asian Sexy Mature Realist Cheap Dolls-Belle


163cm/5.34ft Chubby BBW Sex Doll Japanese Huge Tits Big Ass Chubby Sexy Dolls for Men-Nathalia


163cm/5.34ft Life Size Fat Sex Doll Jasmine Big Boobs Busty Beautiful Young Sexy Dolls -Gabby


163cm/5.34ft Lifelike BBW Sex Doll Chubby Big Boobs Jasmine Beautiful Sexy Dolls -Cecily


163cm/5.34ft Lifelike BBW Sex Doll Huge Boobs Bubble Butt Chubby Sexy Dolls USA-Lindsay


163cm/5.34ft Lifelike Big Booty Sex Doll BBW Big Ass Full Body Beautiful Dolls-Lucy


163cm/5.34ft Lifelike Fat Sex Doll Amazing Big Tits Ass Busty Sexy Real Dolls USA-Alicia


163cm/5.34ft Lifelike Fat Sex Doll Chubby Huge Boobs Jasmine Curvy Sexy Dolls USA-Hedy


163cm/5.34ft Real Life American Sex Doll Realistic Young Jasmine Smart Schoolgirl-Lily


163cm/5.34ft Real Life Jasmine Sex Doll BBW Big Boobs Butt Curvy Chubby Love Dolls USA-Flavia


163cm/5.34ft Real Love Jasmine Sex Doll Big Boobs Butt Young Sexy Doll-Lola


163cm/5.34ft Realistic Fat Sex Doll BBW Redhead Big Boobs Butt Busty Hot Dolls USA-Calista


163cm/5.34ft Realistic Huge Tits Sex Doll Milf Naked Thick Big Butt Real Sexy Sex Dolls-Yuuko


168cm/5.51ft Solid Big Breast Sex Doll Angel Tpe Blonde Sex Dolls-Hanna


170cm/5.57ft Busty Sex Doll Realistic Tall Full Body Big Breast TPE Love Dolls-Gina


170cm/5.57ft Cowboy Real Sexy TPE Love Sex Doll – Yael


Jasmine Sex Dolls | Ryan Davis Real Sex Doll | Shakira Sex Doll

Jasmine sex doll is born in 2018 when Ryan Davis made a funny video to introduce her. Davis was amazed when she saw Jasmine’s beautiful face, curvey body, and sexy breasts. Although the video is tongue-in-cheek, it demonstrates the latent possibilities of sex dolls – that they can and possibly already are – incredible erotic objects.

At uusexdoll, you can find all kinds of Jasmine sex dolls. They have different sizes, colors, and faces. You will find your favorite one from our collection. See their height, 160cm, 163cm. They are made of premium quality in order to bring you more comfortable sex pleasure. The built-in stainless steel skeleton makes you use it more flexible, you can make her pose any positions as will, in bed, desk, or kitchen. She will never say no to you. She will try her best to serve you all her life.

Why Jasmine Sex Doll Is So Highly Demanded?

You have browsed so many love dolls online, but you still cannot find your favorite one. At this time, you notice a BBW sex doll, we call her Jasmine,

With her beautiful, thick thighs, Jasmine breaks the mould – forgive the pun. She is made from TPE, which is a very life-like material indeed, giving what a lot of men want: a woman with a bit of meat on her. And let’s not forget those huge wobbly tits, also made of TPE, that defy belief.

A sultry, come-to-bed expression that men love

Try to imagine, who will like an ugly girl, everybody enjoys their pretty face. However, at last.  She wouldn’t have been half as popular were it not for that sultry expression on her face. Those half-closed, slightly stoned bedroom eyes; those full, pert lips that remind one of Scarlett Johanssen (anyone?); she knows she’s hot – and you’re not going to get to fuck her… or are you?

That lazy Sunday-afternoon hooded top

You must have imagined this situation, how stimulating it is! With her stay-on-the-sofa-and-watch-Netflix-all-day hooded top, Jasmine exudes a IDGAF appeal. Aren’t you so glad that, as you’re watching The Witcher together, you’re able to slip a hand up her grey top and gently caress those big soft puppies? Those marvelous, wobbly cans? Tits?

Anyway, Jasmine sex doll is so beautiful and sexy whether you have had sex with her or not. But many of our customers told us that they have a satisfying pleasure after using. I have to say, Jasmine, the doll featured in the video, has been flying off the proverbial shelves since Mr Davis made his clip, which has amassed 865,000 hits at the time of writing. Try to imagine who can resist the temptation of this gorgeous doll.

Jasmine sex doll

Reviews of Jasmine Sex Doll

If you have a girlfriend or married already, you cannot have sex with other women because your girlfriend or wife would be angry. However, now, there is no need for you to follow any set of rules or procedures or spend any amount of money just to have sex with a girl. Why? Because the Jasmine Sex Dolls are here. In general, real love dolls are wonderful replacements if you don’t wish to go through the complexities of having sex with a real live woman.

More and more people want to have sex with Jasmine because of any reasons, the main reasons are that she is beautiful and big enough. Also, I am so glad because I have experience with her. As far as I am concerned, I am satisfied. I was glad for what I did. Now, you can see the comments from our other customers.

Goods delivered quickly. Packaged well. Buyer happy with 5 stars. – John F.

Overall amazing!Extremely discreet of the package.Besides, it feels good when I touch it, She’s very soft in the right places meanwhile with solid frame, soft boobs,sexy buttocks, this is the most surprising quality I have ever bought! it has a fairly real weight, and it took me feeling up! I really don’t want to stop to it. Recommended.  – Joseph A.

I have been paying attention to this store for a long time, this is my first time buying it, and it has not disappointed me. The quality of the Jasmine doll is very good, so lucky to choose uusexdoll.  – Mark W. Gagne

Thanks a lot! Exactly like the photo. The seller is very patient and friendly to answer all my questions, I plan to buy another one, I don’t regret choosing Jasmine. I will tell my friend to buy one.  – Charles L.

Ma’am, Sir, My cousin received the order and thank you. Quality/price-ratio is quite good. Pretty much same as in the pictures. Boobs are too firm, but there might be a softer option if you specify them with order. Joints require lots of force to move. This doll is HEAVY, believe me.  – Justin M.

Why Jasmine Sex Doll?

One fact you may don’t know, with the demands for Jasmine sex dolls are increasing, many manufactures start to produce them, and now you can see a lot of Jasmine love dolls at the market. Then why so many people choose to buy them?Please continue to read.

1.Realistic and Quality

One main reason makes them popular is that Jasmine sex doll has been built to look so realistic and have an amazing skin tone. That was one of the things I loved about her when I saw her for the very first time. Guess what? She is more beautiful than my three exes combined.

2.Busty Body Proportions

As a BBW sex doll with big ass and breasts, this is also one reason why so many people choose to choose. Jasmine is a BBW with a thick, curvy body and she is quite busty. Wait till you see her fully naked. Wow. She has such an amazing pair of boobs and an amazing curvy ass, both of which I cannot get enough. I love fondling those boobs and ass.

Of my three exes, just one had boobs that were almost the size and shape of Jasmine’s. None of them can lick her boobs when it comes to the comparisons of their asses.

3. Custom the Doll Yourself

In general, all love dolls can be customized according to your needs. Before I made the purchase of Jasmine, I had a lot of options opened to me which allowed me to modify her to my own specifications and wants. For example, I wanted my Jasmine to have dark, curly hair and I had that.

I made her have grey eyes and when it came to her nipples, especially her areola, I made sure I got the color I wanted, and so on. All these characteristics were what I wanted in the girls I dated but they didn’t have it all.

Two of my exes changed their hair color to something I didn’t like. When I protested, they reminded me that I didn’t own them and they could do whatever they wanted.

Yes, They were right, I didn’t own them. I had to suck it up and stop complaining just because I didn’t want them to reduce my sex time with them. When I got Jasmine, she became mine totally; I owned her, and I could do anything I wanted with her body and she wouldn’t even mind.