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Cheap High End Affordable Sex Dolls Under $999 Online Shopping

You just wanna have realistic but cheap sex dolls. Then who will say no to a beautiful and sexy girl? For any of you guys, owing a pretty sex doll is a normal thing, just put her into your bed and have sex with her. At the same time, no one wants to spend all their painstaking hard-earned money on a love doll. Now, I would tell you all the sex dolls are cheap and they are worth taking home. Then you must think I am crazy. Ok, it is just joking. Whether you have bought a doll or not, maybe you know the realistic sex dolls are very expensive, even some need 5000USD. Although mini sex dolls or sex doll torsos are comparatively cheap, not all of you need to buy them. Don’t worry, my friend, here, I would like to list some cheap sex dolls for you.

Uusexdoll owns a big sex doll factory, and the sex dolls factory has managed for more than 10 years. So if you buy any sex dolls from Uusexdoll, you can enjoy wholesale affordable prices. In this collection, we will show you some inexpensive love dolls which are less than $999. At the same time, whether there is a quality warranty for your cheap love dolls, the answer is yes. So there is no need to worry about the quality problems.

Recommend Under $999 Affordable Sex Dolls

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4.5kg 35cm Mini Female Silicone Sex Doll Torso Lifelike Anal Vagina Real Soft Breast Sex Toys for Men

$269 $159

7kg Male Sex Doll Torso Half Body Silicone Sex Doll Bike Dildo Sex Toys For Women(Flesh)

$379 $219

7kg Half Male Body Torso Sex Doll Life Size Sex Toy with Realistic Suction Cup Dildo Bike(Brown)

$379 $219

7kg Half Sex Doll Male Body Torso Life Size Sex Toy with Realistic Suction Cup Dildo Bike(White)

$379 $219

7kg 47cm Male Sex Doll Torso with Realistic Dildo and Lifelike Anal Hole Sex Toys for Women

$389 $229

7kg Female Sex Doll Torso Realistic Vagina Lifelike Anal Hole and Real Soft Breast Silicone Sex Toys for Men

$399 $239

12kg Sexy Butt Sex Doll Torso Big Anus Lifelike Anal Vagina Silicone Sex Toys for Men

$669 $339

11kg 3D Female Torso Sex Doll Realistic Legs Pocket Pussy Small Breast Love Doll Half Body Sex Toy for Men

$669 $349

148cm/4.85ft Full Body Cute Sex Doll Flat Miniature Beautiful Teen Little Girl Dolls -Evangeline


150cm/4.92ft Realistic Skinny Sex Doll Mini Small Breast Blonde Real Dolls-Molly


148cm/4.85ft Real Life Petite Sex Doll Blonde Small Tits Young Little Cute Dolls-Nora


148cm/4.85ft Realistic Skinny Sex Doll Cute Small Breast Little Girl Best Real Love Dolls-Rae


141cm/4.62ft Tiny Real Doll Teen Sex Doll -Phyllis


141cm/4.62ft Tiny Silicone Teen Fuck Sex Doll -Shelly


141cm/4.62ft Young Catgirl Love Sex Doll – Shauna


141cm/4.62ft Naked Anal Sex Doll Big Boobs Tiny Doll- Hiedi


148cm/4.85ft Realistic Cute Sex Doll Mini Skinny Flat Chested Cheap Dolls-Crystal


148cm/4.85ft Life Size Petite Sex Doll Best Mini Tiny Small Breast Young Love Dolls-Shirley


148cm/4.85ft Beautiful Mini Sex Doll Hyper Realistic Petite Cute Blonde Small Dolls-Amelia


150cm/4.92ft Big Breast Sex Doll Lifelike Blonde TPE Love Dolls-Janice


150cm/4.92ft Flat Chested Sex Doll Best Asian Girl A Cup TPE Love Dolls-Britta


148cm/4.85ft Lifelike Skinny Sex Doll Mini Cute Beautiful Flat Chest Fuck Small Dolls-Susan


148cm/4.85ft Beautiful Tiny Sex Doll Petite Small Breast Full Body Sexy Dolls -Tiffany


150cm/4.92ft New Blonde Sex Doll Life Size Tiny Small Tits Sexy Real Dolls-Hailey


What Impacts the Price?

Size and Weight

In general, full-size sex dolls are expensive than mini sex dolls because of their weight and size. At the same time, another factor is the shipping cost. In the world, about 90 percent of sex dolls come from China, so when you buy a sex doll online, it has to been transported across the ocean or border. Therefore, you would know that full-size sex dolls are always more expensive than mini sex dolls or sex doll torsos. So, if you have limited budgets, at the same time, you feel the mini sex doll would bring you a great sex experience, then it is your best choice.


Almost all the sex dolls are made from TPE or silicone, and these kinds of materials themselves are expensive. Of course, the same material, maybe the price is slightly different.

For some sellers, they sell the realistic sex dolls at a lower price, less than 900USD, and even 500USD. For these kinds of dolls, they are made from poor quality TPE. They won’t bring you a real feeling when having sex with her. What’s worse is that they are prone to tears and rips. You need to clean it again and again. As an adage saying” You get what you pay for”. So sometimes, but don” get a too cheap sex doll just in order to save some money. In general, more expensive, more high-ended. Then what price of them is proper? The starting price of silicone dolls tends to start at about $2000 or more, simply because this material is more expensive. Silicone is a bit easier to maintain than the latter but doesn’t have the human-like feeling of TPE.


Although there are a huge number of sex dolls online, some still cannot find their favorite one. Or some need customize their dolls according to their special needs. More and more sellers start to supply this kind of service in order to cater to their needs.

Different sellers, different prices. Depending on the company, you’ll be able to pick and choose anything from the size of the girl’s boobs, the color of her eyes/hair/skin, as well as advanced features like a heating or a sound system. The prices greatly vary from brand to brand so I can’t tell you how much would a particular custom feature cost. However, the good news is that Uusexdoll now offers all of its custom options for free – from face to body, from skin and eye colors to heating and audio functions. The reason we decided to stop charging for this service is that it doesn’t give us too much trouble and it can make you, the customer, very happy. And plus, we have the advanced technology to make a doll, and we will tell you every step and we can assure the 90% realness if you need to customize a face.

cheap love doll

Almost all the love dolls are made from premium quality TPE or silicone. So the price is comparatively higher than other kinds of sex dolls. PE is a blender of plastics and rubber. It is thermoplastic and elastic. In general, you will get your authentic sex doll if you buy one from a trust-worthy store. It would be cheaper if you buy a doll from the factory, there is no agency, for example, uusexdoll, as a famous sex doll manufacture, they will offer to you all kinds of sex dolls and it would be cheaper than other kinds of stores. There is no need to worry about the quality because we have the CE and FDA certification.

About Cheap Sex Dolls

How About Cheap Sex Dolls?

So many sex dolls buyers wrote reviews about affordable sex dolls. Although sex dolls are cheap, they can still bring to them a lot of sex fun. In terms of performance, it

is comparable to other expensive sex dolls. Inexpensive sex dolls is physically perfect: Great ass and tits, so you can sew with her: oral sex/anal sex/vagina

sex/breast sex. Fucking a sex doll, just need some lubrication, then enjoy the sex with your cute sex doll.

Why Do You Need to Buy Cheap Sex Dolls?

Whether you are single or not, as long as you are a human, regardless of gender, at a certain moment, you want sex very much. Many people think

solving sex needs by hand is ok. But frequent masturbation will reduce the sensitivity of the penis,and it can even lead to male reproductive problems, such as

premature ejaculation. So you need a trainer–sex dolls. Don’t have a lot of budget for buying a sex doll? It doesn’t matter, this sex dolls series(less than $900) can meet up your needs. As you can see, all love dolls above are lifelike and life size body. These sex doll skin touches soft and realistic, same as a real human.

In this case, you need to consider the cheap but best love dolls

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