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143cm/4.65ft C-Cup Tempting Sex Doll – Aldens

$2,699.00 Doll Gallery Real Shot…

150cm/4.92ft Alluring Blond Sex Doll-Shiina Tomoyo

$2,628.00 Doll Gallery…

150cm/4.92ft Anime Cartoon Sex Doll-Aikawa Iori

$2,453.00 Doll Gallery…

150cm/4.92ft Anime Cartoon Sex Doll-Fujisaki Junko

$2,459.00 Doll Gallery…

150cm/4.92ft Anime Girl Silicon Sex Doll-Haruka Tsuruta

$2,459.00 Doll Gallery…

150cm/4.92ft Anime Girl Silicon Sex Doll-Tsukishima Izumi

$2,453.00 Doll Gallery…

150cm/4.92ft Anime Lovely Sex Doll-Mishima Nico

$2,459.00 Doll Gallery…

150cm/4.92ft Beautiful Elf Sex Doll-Takano Rie

$2,628.00 Doll Gallery…

150cm/4.92ft Blonde Silicone Sex Doll-Hoshino Suzumi

$2,628.00 Doll Gallery…

150cm/4.92ft Bunny Sex Silicone Doll-Aida Rina

$2,628.00 Doll Gallery…

150cm/4.92ft Bunny Silicone Redhead Sex Doll-Inujima Haruko

$2,628.00 Doll Gallery…

150cm/4.92ft Cartoon Ebony Silicon Sex Doll-Yokotani Yukiko

$2,453.00 Doll Gallery…

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The silicone sex doll is the most realistic love doll. It is a kind of sex toy for men and women to liberate their sexual needs. Free & discreet shipping, Tax-free.

FAQ About Silicone Sex Doll

The lifelike silicone sex doll is the best choice for sexual pleasure. Silicone is a polymer material that can be used in many products. Most sex toys have this material. Every silicone love doll has a very natural and lifelike appearance. If she has a human mind, you would definitely be more willing to have sex with such a beautiful woman.

Uusexdoll is a professional genuine silicone sexdoll website. Here, you can buy luxurious and realistic silicone sex dolls in various styles. Uusexdoll’s silicon sex dolls not only have a lifelike appearance but also have soft skin and very realistic pussy holes.

At the same time, Uusexdoll guarantees fast delivery. Free shipping. And 100% privacy package.

To be honest, the shape of silicone sex doll is unimaginable. If she stood there, you would never think she was a doll. Therefore, many people now buy silicone sex dolls not just for sex. They are more of this doll as a companion. This lifelike sexdolls accompanies people to watch TV, read newspapers, etc. Some photography enthusiasts think that silicone love dolls are the best models. Indeed, they took a lot of beautiful photos.

In any case, buying silicone sex dolls is a big project. You need to learn a lot.

A silicone sex doll is a sex doll closest to the real person. When you see the silicone sexual dolls pics for the first time, you will be stunned by the reality of sex doll silicone. Light face, just like an adult young girl, no spot. And her hair is just like growing out of the scalp, including eyelashes.

Yes, silicone sexy dolls are love dolls that are almost the same as real women. However, silicone love dolls have no human mind. Must introduce silicone sex doll carefully.

She has a completely female body. In other words, she has a human head. Sex doll heads are actually an important part of dolls. Many silicone sex doll factories invest a lot in sex doll head. Of course, sex doll heads usually have very beautiful faces. In addition, it is the body of the sex doll. As shown in anatomy. There are lifelike breasts on the body. What’s even more amazing is that there are veins on the breasts of the silicone sex doll. Of course, this is only available for high-end silicone sex doll. Then, she has a very realistic vagina and anus. The labia of the vagina is very rosy. That is a designer’s masterpiece. As for the anus, the folds of the anal hole make people feel incredible.

Perhaps, apart from the word ‘lifelike’, can’t find any words to describe silicone sex dolls. In short, the way you want to have sex, silicone sexdoll can be realized.

Sex toys such as sex dolls, vibrators, dildos, and anal toys are in direct contact with bodily fluids, so cleaning is important. Cleaning sex dolls isn’t complicated, but ignoring this step could do you badly.

Silicone sexy dolls that are not cleaned after use may allow bacteria or other pathogens (such as fungi) to adhere to the inside or outside of the sex doll. This can lead to bacterial growth and repeated use can lead to an even worse penis infection.

Almost all types of sexy silicone dolls can be surface cleaned with soapy or clean water and then air-dried. But we’ve also determined that it’s best to clean sex dolls carefully and thoroughly.

For cleaning we will use water, soap, detergent, clean towels and other tools. You can also use a sex doll damp towel or cleaning spray for cleaning.

Cleaning times will vary, depending on the method you use. When you use a sex doll for the first time, I recommend that you clean it patiently so that it can bring you a better sexual experience and health. In addition, the silicone is high temperature resistant, you can sterilize it at high temperature to make it safer and more comfortable.

Cleaning steps:
  • Clean the area with water or soapy water first
  • Disinfect with detergent or other cleaning agent
  • Towel dry silicone sex doll and allow to air dry
  • Store in a cool place and pack it for next use

Regarding this question, first of all, how old are you? If you are a teenager under the age of 18, you don’t need to buy pornographic magazines, XXX videos, or realistic silicone love dolls. Because a surreal silicone sex doll is like a naked woman, so spicy that it hurts teenagers’ mental health.

If you are old enough, you should consider buying a realistic silicone sex doll from the following aspects.

First, if you are single, then you can buy this life size silicone sex doll to get sex and company.

Second, if you just broke up in love, then the damn silicone sex doll will help you get rid of the sadness of broken love.

Third, if you are married or have lovers, it is best to obtain the consent of the other party before buying a new technology silicone sex doll to avoid quarrels.

Considering the above issues, you will know whether you should buy a super-realistic silicone sex doll.

First of all, from silicone sex doll pictures to videos, we can get that the biggest advantage of silicone sex doll is the realistic face (super real hair and eyelashes). The biggest advantage of TPE sex dolls is their softness. When the butt and breasts of the TPE sex doll are tapped, it will naturally “bounce”. The vagina and anus of TPE sex dolls are softer and therefore easier to insert.

In addition, both are hypoallergenic, even for sensitive skin, both have heat resistance and can retain heat well. TPE materials are very mild, comfortable to the touch, realistic, and stretchy, so they are used to make shoe soles, leather bags, and more. Silicone is a simple man-made polymer, similar to rubber. It is used in lubricants, insulating materials, sealants, glues, and other products.

Finally, it is easier to clean silicone sex doll; but TPE sex dolls are not so easy to clean. Enjoy the real toy, then choose the silicone love doll; enjoy the “bouncing” breasts and buttocks, and then choose the TPE sex doll.

Silicone is a material that has completely changed the sex doll industry. Indeed, silicone makes sex dolls almost indistinguishable from real people. List the characteristics of silicone sex dolls. To better learn about silicone love dolls.

1. Soft

Silica gel has good toughness. So it can be stretched at will, and then quickly regain its shape.If you like rough sex, then silicone sex doll have you covered. Moreover, silicone is particularly comfortable to the touch. It feels like touching a woman’s skin.

2. Beautiful and delicate appearance

Silicone sex doll is so popular because most of them are pretty. See the display picture. You will find these realistic silicone love doll very elegant and noble. And silica gel is an expensive material. This gives the silicone sex doll a luxurious feel. If you are looking for celebrity sex dolls, then you can consider celebrity dolls made of silicone. Because celebrity dolls of this material will look noble. At the same time, it is more temperamental.

3. Durable

Silicone is a high-end durable material. And when making sex dolls, they will be treated with platinum-cured silicone. This is more upscale. It can maintain toughness for a longer period of time. Therefore, silicone sex doll last longer.

4. Equipped with a high-end metal skeleton

Silicone sex doll is expensive sex doll. In addition to silicone being an expensive material, but also because it uses a high-end metal frame. This kind of skeleton is particularly flexible. If you are familiar with multiple sex positions, then your dolls can do that with you.

5. The details of body parts are more realistic

Many people may not have visited the sex doll factory. In the last few steps of sex doll production, makeup artists and sculptors play an important role. They will carve carefully. Silicone sex doll usually require hair transplants and eyebrow implants. This means that the hair and eyebrows grow naturally. In addition, the areola, belly button, labia, etc. must be carefully portrayed. In the end, sex dolls that surpassed real people appeared.

Of course, you can choose according to your hobby. Most silicone sex dolls have customization options. And these options not only have basic functions. And there are some high-end features to choose from. Generally, the basic options include standing feet, pubic hair, and so on. The high-end functional options mainly include moaning; vagina heating and so on.

Uusexdoll only offers real silicone sex dolls. So you will get the doll that matches the picture.

And Uusexdoll offers a variety of shipping methods. If you have a small budget and want to buy a realistic silicone sex doll, then you can choose shipping. Although shipping takes 30-45 days, the price will be much cheaper. This is Usexdoll’s service to save you money. There is no similar service on the market. We serve our customers faithfully and meet all their requirements.

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