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What is The Most Realistic Sex Doll?


What is the most realistic sex doll? It’s not some big news anymore. Sex dolls already look and function like real people. That is, realistic sex dolls allow you to have sex with a real person for free. It is undeniable that real love dolls are a great creation of modern technology. Moreover, the current sex dolls technology has been combined with top-of-the-line materials, artificial intelligence. In the future, you may experience sex dolls with a human mind. Then you can enjoy unrestricted real sex.

Table of "What is the Most Realistic Sex Doll"

What is the Most Realistic Sex Doll?

The most realistic sex doll is actually a full-size love doll. It is a lifelike sex companion. And it has a human shape. And it’s the same size as a real person. People mostly have sex with real dolls. At present, realistic sex dolls can achieve many ways of sex. Such as pussy sex, anal sex, breast sex, oral sex. Because of its 1:1 vagina, anus, breasts, and mouth. And the internal structure is also completely copied from real people. In short, sex dolls have been anthropomorphic to the greatest extent possible.

To talk about the most realistic sex dolls should be a silicone sex doll. Silicone sex dolls’ hair transplant technology makes love dolls have real hair. When you see this kind of sex doll, you will be amazed by this superb technique.

Moreover, with the upgrading of AI technology, many AI sex dolls have appeared now. Such sex dolls have human thoughts and feelings. Although it is only very primitive thinking, it is better to interact in sex. However, such sex dolls are expensive. And after-sales service is not perfect.

Weight of Real Sex Doll

Real sex dolls usually have the same weight as real people. Most weigh 40kg. Some mini sex dolls weigh under 20kg. Some people might like big booty and big juicy ass, then you’re taking a heavy doll. If you decide to buy a 40kg sex doll, you must have enough strength. Because it may not be so convenient to move and carry. But sex dolls of this weight tend to be the most realistic. Because the body parts are 1:1 reduction.


Lifelike sex dolls tend to have real people’s heights. In real life, some people like tall women. Some people also like small size women. In order to cater to different preferences, love dolls of different heights are designed. The life-size sex dolls are a great illustration of how realistic love dolls are today.

Types of Lifelike Sex Dolls

For a long time, sex dolls stayed in a very elementary stage. Currently, there are mainly the following categories:

  • Silicone sex dolls: This is the most realistic kind of doll out there. Because these dolls use hair transplant technology. Both the hair and the eyelashes look like they have grown naturally. And the outer labia has a very delicate color. Of course, this is expensive.
  • TPE sex dolls: This is the softest kind of doll. Especially her breasts and buttocks felt like real people. cheap price. So it’s very popular.
  • Inflatable sex dolls: This is an upgraded version of the original dolls. There are not many functions. Just easy to carry. Then it is also very convenient to use. It can be used by inflating with a mouth or air pump. But the sex experience is bad.
How Much Is A Real Doll?

There are several factors that affect the price of a real doll: material, brand, and size. In general, the price of TPE love dolls is around $1,500. The price of silicone sex dolls is more than $ 2000. Those kinds of inflatable dolls generally only cost a few hundred dollars.

The price of brand sex dolls is generally very expensive. For example, WM dolls maybe around $2000.

In addition to this, the price of love dolls of different sizes is also different. Mini sex dolls generally cost only a few hundred dollars. And big size love dolls cost thousands of dollars.


Most realistic sex dolls are gaining popularity. People are more and more demanding about sex. In the future, people have sex with sex robots. Because then people don’t have to think too much. Future sex dolls will have human feelings and thoughts. Many people now expect to be in control of their sexual partners. I hope the sex partner will do something to satisfy his sexual desire according to his own requirements. But that’s not easy. And with realistic sex dolls, that’s easy. It is always loyal to its master. That’s all.

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