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Silicone Sex Doll

Silicone Love Doll is a sex doll closest to the real person. When I see the silicone love dolls pics for the first time, I am stunned by the reality of silicone sex dolls. Light face, just like an adult young girl, no spot. And her hair just like growing out of the scalp, including eyelashes. Of course, I don't really believe in sex doll pictures. So I check the real objects of sex doll factories. OMG, silicone adult dolls, except real looking, has more realistic vagina/labia/anus/breast, etc,. Seeing is believing, so I suggest that you should watch the silicone love dolls video. You will know what is a silicone real looking sex doll.

161cm/5.28ft Realistic Sex Doll Head Busty Big Butt Sexy Sex Dolls-Lilith


160cm/5.24ft Lifelike Milf Sex Doll Skinny Petite Japanese Flat Chested Real Love Dolls-Magical


161cm/5.28ft Japanese Sex Doll Black Hair Big Ass Silicone Adult Sex Dolls for Men-Sibyl


161cm/5.28ft Silicone Sex Doll Chinese Big Breast Real Love Chubby Sex Dolls -Elma


163cm/5.34ft Japanese Sex Doll Hyper Realistic Asian Silicone Cheap Love Dolls-Riva


165cm/5.41ft Asian Sex Doll Most Realistic Real Looking Silicone Fantasy Sex Love Dolls-Alisa


165cm/5.41ft Hottest Asian Sex Doll B Cup Lifelike Adult Chinese Sex Dolls-Katie


167cm/5.47ft Silicone Real Looking Sex Doll Life Size Small Breast Sex Doll Torso -Laura


170cm/5.57ft Big Boobs Asian Sex Doll Fucking Silicone Chinese Sexy Sex Dolls-Tobey


170cm/5.57ft Fat Chinese Sex Doll Best Full Body Sexy Real Sex Dolls-Queena


170cm/5.57ft Skinny Asian Sex Doll Hottest B Cup Lifelike Silicone Sex Dolls-Cozy


170cm/5.58ft Girl Fucking A Sex Doll Real Life Size Silicone Sex Dolls- Matt


170cm/5.58ft Silikon Chinese Sex Doll Cute Real Skinny Looking Sex Dolls-Sheilla


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Should I buy the Most Realistic Silicone Sex Doll?

Regarding this question, first of all, how old are you? If you are a teenager under the age of 18, you don’t need to buy pornographic magazines, XXX videos, or realistic silicone love dolls (because a surreal silicone sex doll is like a naked woman, so spicy that it hurts teenagers’ mental health). If you are old enough, you should consider buying a lifelike real doll from the following aspects. First, if you are single, then you can buy this realistic sex doll to get sex and company; second, if you just broke up in love, then the damn silicone sex doll will help you get rid of the sadness of broken love. Third, if you are married or have lovers, it is best to obtain the consent of the other party before buying a new technology silicone lover doll to avoid quarrels. Considering the above issues, you will know whether you should buy a super-realistic silicone sex doll.

Lifesize Silicone VS Lifelike TPE Sex Doll

First of all, from silicone doll pictures to videos, we can get that the biggest advantage of silicone dolls is the realistic face (super real hair and eyelashes). The biggest advantage of TPE sex dolls is their softness. When tapping the ass and breasts of a TPE sex doll, it will naturally "bounce". The vagina and anus of TPE dolls are relatively soft, so they will be easier to insert. In addition, both are hypoallergenic, even for sensitive skin, both have heat resistance and can retain heat well. TPE is very gentle, comfortable to the touch, realistic, and flexible, so it is widely used in the manufacture of shoe soles, wallets, gloves, pens, etc.; silicone is a simple man-made polymer, similar to rubber. It is used in lubricants, insulating materials, sealants, glues, and other products. Finally, it is easier to clean silicone dolls; but TPE dolls are not so easy to clean. Enjoy the real toy, then choose the silicone love doll; enjoy the "bouncing" breasts and buttocks, and then choose the TPE sex doll.

Can I Customize My Silicone Sex Doll at uusexdoll?

Sure, Customize skin option: black/ebony/tan/dark tan silicone love dolls Customize body option: BBW/fat chubby/big ass silicone love dolls Customize breast cup option: Flat chested/hug tits silicone love dolls Customize other functions: heating, talking, moaning sex doll, etc. If you want to customize more options and would like to pay more, even support one Japanese or American Porn Star Silicone Sex Doll.

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