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We have warehouses in the USA and Europe.

The USA warehouse is set up in California, and the European warehouse is set up in Germany.

In US, We can provide free shipping service for customers in 48 states (excluding Hawaii and Alaska).

In EU, We can provide free shipping service for customers from all member states of EU.

Usually, We use UPS to ship your sex doll, and it can reach in 3-7 days.

A very important point you must know: We sell more than 800 different styles of sex dolls.

So, not all sex dolls are in stock in US and EU warehouse, which means very large funding and inventory pressure.

Usually, we store some hot sale and most popular sex doll in US/EU warehouses, as you can see the following products.

Every sex doll available for sale has more than 100 stocks, We will also update inventory information in time.

Most sex dolls in online stores sell for more than $1,300. Why so expensive? The real reason is the very high shipping cost. Even higher than the cost of the doll itself.

As the COVID-19 epidemic spreads around the world, the cost of air transportation is greatly reduced, so the price is further increased.

Every week, Uusexdoll will send the entire container of inventory to the USA and Germany by sea. And store it in its own warehouse.

As you know, the prices of shipping by air and by sea are very different, which is why we can provide such low prices..

In Stock (USA)
In Stock (EU)

We are very grateful for your trust.

Of course, the answer to the question is yes. If you are willing to wait 35-50 days, We can let you get any other sex doll at a very low price.

Now, we have set reservation options for other sex dolls. As long as you pay in advance, We will start to produce sex dolls according to your requirements.

After the production is completed, we will send it by sea to the warehouse in the USA or Europe. The transportation time is about 35-45 days.

After your sex doll arrives at our warehouse in the USA or Europe, we will notify you, and then use UPS or Fedex to ship it to you immediately.

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