Big Breasted Male Torso Sexdoll


(9 customer reviews)
Product Information
  • Material: Medical grade TPE
  • Bust: 24.80Inch
  • Waist: 14.17Inch
  • Hips: 22.44Inch
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Big Breasted Male Torso Sexdoll - The Perfect Sex Toy

Big Breasted Male Torso Sexdoll

Realistic Pussy

The lifelike pussy is fascinating. The red outer labia is the color of the human body. It has a realistic vaginal wall design and makes sexual intercourse more real. Different textures bring different excitement. If your penis is inserted into such genitals, you will feel very exciting sexual pleasure. By the way, before using it, it is recommended to use lubricating oil so that you can easily insert her.
male torso sexdoll
male torso sexdoll (4)

Perfect Size Sex Doll Torso

This torso sex doll has a 63cm bust, 36cm waist, 57cm hips. Real 3D sex dolls are super soft and flexible. The high-quality materials make the torso of this sex doll very soft to the touch. The realistic feeling makes you unbelievable. Do you like breast sex? It is very suitable. Plump breasts can give you crazy sexual pleasure.
male torso sexdoll (4)

9 reviews for Big Breasted Male Torso Sexdoll

  1. Joseph Brown

    The overall beauty of the doll is very good. I like.

  2. Keith Murphy

    The touch and appearance of this torso toy are very close to reality. It is very well built. Put it on the table and she stayed there. Do whatever she wants, she doesn’t move. It is also very convenient to clean.

  3. Gerald Davies

    My partner and I have a great time and use this product several times a day. It is exactly the same as the real thing. It feels very real. It is almost better than the real one. I like this thing very much. It created a lot of fun for me. This is an amazing invention. I don’t think there are enough words to describe how cool this thing is. good idea!

  4. Joseph

    This product is a must! The design of the entire doll is very detailed and realistic, giving people a real-life feeling. The feel and feel are great, and the suction power is also good. As for the texture, it is very soft and lifelike. It is also very easy to use and clean. In short, it is worth buying.

  5. Willie

    This toy is of the right size and looks very realistic. Most toys are small and feel unreal. The texture is soft and spongy-it feels like skin. Easy to wash-it is heavy and needs to be handled properly. Then the angle is just right and the weight ensures that the toy stays in place. There is internal spine support-so it won’t swing. I recommend buying!

  6. Thomas

    This is a very good product. Treat the exterior carefully and keep it clean, it should last a long time.

  7. Samuel

    It feels good and is durable, so it must be cleaned well. Using baby powder will help maintain the freshness/feel of the toy and prolong its lifespan.

  8. Christopher

    Great toy! The transportation is fast and the packaging is very careful. For me and my partner, this is an incredibly fun toy…it is the best in terms of realism. I like!

  9. Keith Price

    The product came quickly. Its size and weight left a deep impression on me. It is very pleasant to use and feels very good, almost like the real thing.

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