145cm/4.75ft D Cup American Sex Doll-Siby
145cm/4.75ft D Cup American Sex Doll-Siby
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145cm/4.75ft D Cup American Sex Doll-Siby


Why choose Siby:
  • Best selling TPE sex doll from Castle Doll
  • Pajamas and wet temptation to satisfy sexual desire
  • Double-hole design, truly restore the female body structure
  • High-end non-porous TPE material, the most advanced sex
  • Ergonomic design with built-in metal frame for multiple use

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Hello, I'm Waysen, the website editor.A man who likes all kinds of sex dolls, now I'm going to introduce you to sex doll Siby,you will like it too.


Siby is a TPE doll producted by Castle Doll brand. The following is the authorization:

145cm/4.75ft D Cup American Sex Doll-Siby
Siby Body Size

Brand:Castle Doll
Material:Medical-grade TPE | Stainless Steel Frame
Shoulder Width:30cm/11.81inch
Arm Length58cm/22.83inch
Leg length:78cm/30.71inch
Foot Length:19cm/7.48inch
Oral Depth:15cm/5.9inch
Vagina Depth:17cm/6.69inch
Anus Depth:17cm/6.691inch
Sex type:Oral/Vagina/Anus
Package size:139*39*29cm / 54.72*15.35*11.42inch
Real Shot Video
Learn More About Siby
145cm/4.75ft D Cup American Sex Doll-Siby
145cm/4.75ft D Cup American Sex Doll-Siby

Siby is a young girl. She was still a virgin, beautiful and innocent. You can take her home, and when your tongue parted Siby’s lips, she had no intention of resisting.

You walk around Siby’s jade body with your hands, first stroking her jade cheeks and cheeks, only to feel that the jade skin of the tentacles is soft and smooth, and your hands gradually move down, passing through Siby’s straight, Bai Zhe’s beautiful jade neck, The round and jade-cut shoulders held her plump, soft and soft virgin breast across a thin layer of dress.

“What are you doing… rascal… um…”

Siby struggled to resist at first. When you kissed her cherry mouth again, Siby’s struggling and resisting hands gradually became weak and weak, and her delicate body was sour and soft. kiss your wet lips.

You bite and kiss Siby’s sweet and soft tongue, entangled emotionally, sucking greedily, lips and tongue intertwined, body fluid overflowing, his hands hold Siby’s full and white breasts through a thin layer of dress, gentle stroking, rubbing.

Siby’s cheeks were flushed with blush, and he gently opened his teeth shyly. This time, instead of resisting and pushing you away, he couldn’t help caressing your tiger’s back.


Her pretty little nose is hot and shy and humming. At this time, Siby is already winking with silky eyes, and her eyebrows are full of spring. She feels that behind your back, your big hands are stroking along the shoulder blades to the waist, and the place that has been touched has been touched. The warm feeling never goes away, and occasionally I touch the plump buttocks, which are the buttocks of a virgin that no one has ever touched before!

You wantonly grasp Siby’s round buttocks, and you can’t put it down, but your skills are very good, and your hand has slipped into Siby’s skirt in the midst of the beautiful girl’s heart.


The Real Doll
Architecture Diagram
Acceptable Sexual Posture
145cm/4.75ft D Cup American Sex Doll-Siby
Package List
  • 1*Sex Doll Body
  • 1* Doll Head
  • 1* Lubrecant
  • 1* Baby power
  • 1* Gloves
  • 1* Blanket
  • 1* Heater
  • 1* Detergent
  • 1* Condom
  • 1* Sexy Lingerie


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