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158cm Sex Doll is a popular that provides real sexual pleasure to all men. This type of sex doll has great height and weight. Buy Now! Free & discreet shipping, Tax-free.

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Do you want to have a perfect girlfriend? Just browse our 158 cm sex doll on You will find many styles of 158cm sex dolls (Asian face girls, American face girls or fat, thinBBW girls, etc…). If you can’t find a 158cm sex doll you like, don’t worry. We can also provide customizable doll options. You can visit our custom page.

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161cm Suzanne is a sexy African American beauty. Her skin is ebony and she has F cup tits. And her big eyes and face look very beautiful. Want to date her?

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  • Variety. The real 158 cm sex doll is so sexy and hot. There are many types of sex dolls of this height in our stores, such as sexy athletic girls, young high school girls, beautiful female stars, and hot European and American girls.
  • Realistic. 158cm sex doll is like a petite and cute girlfriend. Having sex with her is like having sex with a real girl. This sexual pleasure cannot be replaced by any other sex doll.
  • Moderate price. The price of this high-level sex doll is moderate. Therefore, she is neither as small as a mini sex doll nor as heavy as a large sex doll. They are suitable for you who want to experience life-size sex dolls.

First of all, there are many types of our shop. You can see pure female students in school uniforms in this series, as well as female stars in gorgeous clothes, and even sexy girls in swimsuits. Assure you, there are definitely various types here. Beauty’s paradise.

Secondly, all sex dolls of uusexdoll are made of TPE material. Their skin is soft, smooth, and elastic, which is almost indistinguishable from real people.

Finally, the most important thing is that our sex dolls have quality assurance, because the manufacturers are officially authorized, and they are some of the best in the industry, such as 6Ye, SY, etc..

You need to use standard hair cleaning products to clean the hair of sex dolls. We recommend using mild hair care products, as this will achieve the best results and extend the life of the wig.

First, remove the wig from the doll’s head, then clean the wig with shampoo and conditioner, wash all the shampoo, and then dry it (if possible, place the fake on the holder).

After the wig is dried, comb gently with a comb, being careful not to knot it, and don’t use too much force, otherwise, it will damage the wig.

One of the biggest problems is dyeing. TPE and silica gel can easily absorb any color on clothes. Before making love, make sure you have washed your clothes.

Use clothes that will not fade. All clothes must be washed before dressing the doll.

Make sure the clothes are dry, as wet clothes can stain the baby’s skin.

It must be noted that the above content applies to anything that comes into contact with the doll’s skin, so be careful when the doll comes in contact with any fabric, especially things that will fade.

Sunlight: Excessive sunlight can cause TPE to wear and tear, causing TPE to degrade faster than usual.

Dust: We recommend storing the doll in a storage bag or original product box because the skin of the doll is easily stained with dust and the dust is extremely difficult to remove.

Ink: If you want to store the doll in a storage bag, pay attention to the color of the bag. Since the doll will be stored in the storage bag for a long time, if the bag fades, then your doll will be dyed.

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