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UUSEXDOLL Money Saving Program

Want to save money for your dream holiday & travel?Or just want to have more money to pay household bills & credit card bills? Come on, Uusexdoll will help you.

In order to “Make Sex Doll Affordable In The Post Covid-19 era”, we have developed an exclusive money saving program. Both new and faithful customers can save $400-$800 with this program.Below are the details:

1. Save $500+ by choosing In-Stock dolls

All In-Stock Dolls are very affordable.We ship the dolls to Los Angeles warehouse for storage in advance, Compared with shippinging dolls directly from the factory, this method saves about $300-$600 costs.

You can browse the [In-Stock] page to check these dolls. If you want to receive your new lover ASAP, then these dolls will be a wise choice for you. However, these dolls usually cannot be customized to your preferences, such as changing the eyes, wigs, nails, areola color, etc.

2. Get $300-$600 coupon if you are willing to wait (28-48 days)

If you don’t find a favorite doll on the [In-stock] page, then staying patient is an equally great way to get great savings.We can ship your doll by sea or railway from China’s factory.

You only need to use the following coupon codes during checkout:





If you use these discount codes, then the actual shipping times are as follows (not including the production time of the doll) :


3.Free second head and more favorably priced additional options (save $300+)
For some brands of dolls, such as WM Doll, Zelex Doll, you can get a second head for free (original price $199). What’s more, for some additional options, we offer more reasonable prices. Here are some simple comparisons.




“Make Sex Doll Affordable In The Post Covid-19 era” is what we stand for, so we believe that these additional options should not be a burden to our customers. Every seller of dolls should be committed to allowing customers to enjoy these additional options at a more reasonable and fair price, rather than making more profit from them.


4. Get the $50 coupon immediately once the order is paid for
You will get the $50 coupon details in your order confirmation email and you will be able to use it on your next order (there are no restrictions and it applies to any order over $50). Please note that you will receive a $50 coupon after each order is completed, and if you would like to become our faithful customer, then the coupon amount will increase to $80 by the completion of your fifth order. we sincerely appreciate every trust of our customers.


5. Get $20-$80 through rewards program
We offer extra rewards for all honest product reviews (even if you give it 1 star), please check the form below for details.


【Get coupons instead of rewards

Leave a real comment + upload a video (you can shoot without showing your face)

Write your story and post it to our blog (1000 characters + actual pictures of the doll + video)

Professional doll review video】


Here are the requirements for the doll review video (for people who want to participate in Plan F)


【Clarity         HD

Recommended Resolution       1920*1080

Video Duration          ≥3 minutes

Introduce us       Indicate that the product is from the BloomDoll,com website

Unboxing        1. Open the package    about your thoughts on our package

Show products     Show the audience, the material, and details of the product

More        Other content you want to express】


All rewards will be issued via Paypal, please e-mail us: [email protected]

 with the details of what you are doing and we will check and issue the rewards for you.

If you don’t need a reward but a coupon instead, please let us know and we will issue you a customized coupon code for your next order.


This is all about our Money Saving Program, we believe all users can get great savings through this program,  and you can use the money saved to buy other necessities or enjoy your vacation. 

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