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163cm/5.34ft BBW Huge Tits Sex Doll-Polly


164cm/5.38ft Skinny Sex Doll – Kellie


165cm/5.41ft Chubby Sex Doll High Quality Real Big Boobs TPE Love Dolls-Norma


165cm/5.41ft Big Boobs Sex Doll Mens Funny Fucking Realistic Sex Doll-Nana


160cm/5.24ft Small Breast Sex Doll Adult Male Blonde Sexy Sex Doll-Chun


166cm/5.44ft Young Girl Newest Sex Doll-Aurelian


157cm/5.15ft Love Doll Men Masturbating Sex Doll – Hellen


157cm/5.15ft Life Size Mini Sex Doll Small Tits Young Cute Real Love Dolls-Pag


160cm/5.24ft Realistic Blonde Sex Doll Life Size Big Boobs Busty Silicone Beautiful Sexy Dolls-Moon


165cm/5.41ft Asian Sex Doll Living Human Big Ass Sex Dolls Manufacturers-Theresa


166cm/5.44ft Silicone Asian Sex Doll Full Body Big Ass Sex DollS Nude-Deborah


163cm/5.34ft Big Ass Sex Doll Realistic Best Life Size TPE Huge Boobs Sex Dolls for Men-Gail


165cm/5.41ft Blonde Sex Doll Super Realistic High End Tpe Sex Doll-Echo


165cm/5.41ft Tpe Adult Sex Dolls Blonde Big Breast Living Sex Doll-Margo


165cm/5.41ft Realistic BBW Sex Doll Busty Big Boobs Curvy Beautiful Sexy Dolls-Traci


157cm/5.15ft Most Lifelike Redhead Sex Doll-Vernie


166cm/5.44ft A Cup Sex Doll Lifelike Small Tits Skinny Love Dolls-Tina


162cm/5.31ft B-Cup Sex Doll – Margaret


165cm/5.41ft Sexy Real Sex Dolls Adult Man Fucking Busty Sex Doll-Sasha


163cm/5.34ft Lifelike Fat Sex Doll Amazing Big Tits Ass Busty Sexy Real Dolls USA-Alicia


163cm/5.34ft Realistic Big Boobs Sex Doll Full Size Torso Big Ass Chubby Sex Dolls-Nelly


157cm/5.15ft Mini Blonde Sex Doll Realistic Small Tits Young Beautiful Dolls USA-Spring


166cm/5.44ft TPE Small Breast Sex Doll High End Ultra Realistic Cute Sex Doll-Veromca


163cm/5.34ft Lifelike BBW Sex Doll Chubby Big Boobs Jasmine Beautiful Sexy Dolls -Cecily


Real Shot Video for Our Sex Doll

Here are some real shot sex doll videos from our factory, These videos can help you make a decision

We have made a special page that shows many real shot videos of different styles of sex doll. Click the button below the video to see more......

FAQ for Our Sex doll

Sex Dolls for Sale Now, Come and Save Your Hundreds on Your Buying.

Uusexdoll offers a wide range of high quality and affordable sex doll online. Select the best sex dolls for you now. All sorts of dolls can be found on Here, I would like to list some hot sex doll for you. Hope useful.

Uusexdoll supplies milf sex doll, ebony sex doll, pornstar sex doll or Fat TPE love doll. Furthermore, Uusexdoll sells all kinds of sex dolls for people with high quality. For example silicone love dolls. We supply high quality, low prices, and good service products for our customers. We also support custom sex doll, come and get your love dolls now.

Uusexdoll-A trustable and perfect sex doll online shop.

We are a fast-growing online supplier of sex dolls with producing finished in Shenzhen, China, After years of development, we have won the trust of global buyers:

We only use the highest grade TPE/Silicone material to produce the best realistic sex dolls on the market.

Every sex doll has been expertly crafted by professional makeup artists and final inspection by professional staff.

“Get What You Buy” is our purpose, Meanwhile, we have Paypal buyers protection, Your funds are absolutely safe.

We provide professional live chat and after-sales service,Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

When will I receive my sex doll after placing an order?

Usually, we need 3-4 days to complete the production of your sex doll, and then we will choose UPS/FedEx to send the package, the shipping time is about 5-8 days (to US, UK,CA and most European countries). It means you can receive your sex doll 1-2 weeks later after you place an order.


-Due to import laws, we DO NOT SHIP to the following destinations: Islamic countries, Philippines,India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Africa, or Brazil.

-For most countries, We offer Free shipping, Tax is Included, No hidden costs. But some of them require you to complete customs clearance and pay a small amount of tariffs.It depends on customs policy.Please understand.

How to use my sex doll?

-First,Install the Head (Please install the head according to the picture on the product page)

-Wear the Wig (Usually, we will give you 2pcs different styles of wigs, you can dress up your sex doll as you like)

-Put on the Clothes (We will give you 2pcs sexy lingerie Randomly, not necessarily exactly the same as the picture shown)

-Adjust to your favorite sex positions (Whether it’s a BBW sex doll, blonde sex doll, mini sex doll, or an asian sex doll, All sex doll can complete many kinds of sex positions)

-Start enjoying her (It is recommended to wear a condom and use some lubricating oil, you can enjoy her more excitingly.)

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