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The demands for female sex dolls are increasing at an unprecedented speed, which causes the appearance of more and more sellers. Among all the sex toys, the needs for sex dolls is increasing rapidly at a rapid speed. Whether you are a man, woman, gay or lesbian, you can find all your needs at our store. If you want to find a genuine love doll, then you should find a trustworthy store before buying.

Female Sex Dolls Brand

There are several main brands on the market, like Realdoll, Orient Industry, Sanhui doll, Wm Dolls, YL doll, SeDoll, XYdoll, Piper Doll, etc.. However, there are still some infamous brands across the world, should we believe them? At this time, it is important to distinguish the real ones from the fake brands. You know, a sex doll is not cheap at all, so don’t waste money on the fake ones. Never buy low-end brands, trying to save some money. Low-quality dolls have strong fragrances, which can be harmful to your respiratory tract, skin, and even reproductive parts. If you are buying a sex doll of the best quality, you will derive the best solo play experience ever.

Female Sex Dolls Price

Before you choose to buy a sex doll, you must have enough funds to pay, if you are going to pay 500USD for a mini-doll, if it says 1200USD, then it excess budget. But most time, mini sex dolls are cheaper than other silicone sex dolls because of their small size. So, if you want to buy one, please choose the high quality one, after all, a doll which can be used for a long time is also worthy. Then which one is more expensive, it is depended on the dolls’ features, like height, weight, brand, hip circumference, breast size, etc.

Female Sex Dolls' Physical Look

Female sex dolls are available in various shapes and sizes, and thus, you should remember that physical appearance is important when you need to buy your favorite doll.

Now, ask yourself the following questions:

What type of breasts would you like?
What should be the skin color?
What color the eyes should be?
How should the ass be?
What should be the body waistline?

Female Sex Dolls' Material

At present, there are two main types of material to make female sex dolls, that is silicone and TPE. Silicone, Although it is expensive, it offers a better experience. It’s non-porous, firm, easily maintained, and renders services for long durations. However, The TPE material gives a more human feeling, because it’s elastic, flexible, and has a realistic skin which brings a better masturbation experience.

Apart from choosing your sex doll, you can even customize your favorite ones according to your preferences. You can check what customization options are provided from the online store you bought from. Before paying, go through all the available options and chat weith the manufacturer or seller. Ensure that you are buying from a trusted store.