Demon Sex Dolls | Fantasy Sex Doll with Vampire Teet & Elf Ears

Elf sex doll, demon love doll with Vampire Teet & Elf Ears is designed based on fairy tale women. They have pointed ears. The attractive elf sex doll looks realistic. If you want to spend time with a magic sex doll with Elf Ears & Vampire Teet, then you come to the right place.

At uusexdoll, we supply a series of super impressive elf sex dolls which represent different types. They look attractive and fabulous. I guess you must want to spend your hard night with her around. These kinds of models are so realistic with a luxurious body and beautiful face that you cannot control yourself when you stay with her. We also support customization. Free shipping worldwide. Come and get your favorite ones now.

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168cm/5.51ft Demon Halloween TPE Sex Doll – Mia


Demon Sex Dolls | Renamon Sex Dolls

In ancient legends, elves are the symbolization of nature and purity. Have you ever felt naughty about elves come from the darkness? Indulging in the fantasy that she will take you to a world of immense lust and pleasure? Now, this beauty is coming, she wants to lie in your bed and sleep with you. Thinking of a story and it will come true. From now on, Everything starts to become magical.

Do you find it dull? Because you did not find your ideal demon sex doll. Maybe you should know how to make an elf sex doll? For men, the best women should be thin. What about sex dolls? The best demon sex doll should be a woman like Avatar. In this way, in your heart, you should already have a custom image. However, to customize you must consider hurting the wallet. So what, as long as you can experience unusual sex. It’s all worth it.

If you feel your sex time is not stimulating enough, then it is time to invite her. She can play any role in your sex love time, and she can make up for your intimate life and make it more intoxicating. Elf sex dolls look intriguing, and they will bring you the most comfortable experience on the sofa, desk, or bed. Have you decided to spend the long night with her? Get it and start a new routine now.

elf sex doll

It seems that owning an elf sex doll is becoming easier and easier in 2020. Because there are a wide group of manufactures start to produce them. Just not to mention their genuine, but there are various kinds of elf sex dolls can be choose from. At the same time, many stores support the customization service. So you can find many types of dolls if you like. Some stores can even customize your preferred dolls according to your pictures. And the likeness is over 90%. One reason why they are highly demanded is that the elf characters appear on TV or in movies.

Hesitate to buy an elf sex doll? What our customers say:

Several days ago, I bought an elf sex doll from, and the seller answered all my doubt before buying. They gave me some gifts. And they also told me about the measurements of my doll, so that I can buy some clothes for her, like a bra. I am very satisfied with my order, I would like to buy another one next month.”  Marcus L.

“This is my first time buying a sex doll at this store. Uusexdoll is one of the best firms I have purchased from. I received my items in under 3 weeks from order to at the door (supposed to be much longer). Every question was answered promptly and with help when decisions making was needed. Plus, they followed up on my order very closely. Friendly, professional and knowledgeable in their products. The price is very good as well, I will certainly buy from them again, and would recommend anyone to buy from them…”  Micheal E.

“I like John very much. I always go outside with my friends. John was a good man. Until we lost him. We purchased him for a bachelorette party and he went above and beyond his duties. He remained full of life, ecstatic to see us at all times, was flexible given any situation and had a pleasant, clean, fresh, plastic scent upon arrival. Despite his attempts to stay close to use at all times, given his popularity in bars and other public places, we sadly misplaced him and have not seen him since. I’m sure he is still full and thriving, just not in our hands any longer. Would highly recommend it.”  David D.

Their elf sex dolls are very realistic. I got one from this store last week. I am astonished by its face and body. She is almost the same as what I see in the movie. In fact, it is just a character in my game. So I would like to get a similar one. Anyway, I am very satisfied with my shopping experience.  Robert T.

Y’all, this sex doll is the right amount of creepy. I like her very much. And I have used it many times. Beautiful face and a mannequin crotch. Perfect for any occasion. I have bought many clothes for her. My girlfriend loved it.  Carl E.


Cannot find your favorite demon sex dolls? Want a doll with different looks? You can quickly skip to our entire collection of realistic silicone, TPE, mini sex dolls, and so on. Please click our customization page to get your favorite one. (PS: You can send your pic and we can produce it for you).

How Much is an Elf  Sex Doll?

Of course, you need to have enough budget when you are going to buy something. Or you never bought an elf sex doll, then you don’t know the cost, then it is more expensive than other kinds of love dolls? 

In fact, clothes can cost a lot for film prop level clothing. For the doll herself, generally not so much. At the extreme end of the market reserved perhaps more for lottery winners there exists the option, if our funds allow, to have the exact head and/or body that we want making for us if it does not already exist.

Several days ago, I noticed that one of the moderators on The Doll Forum has a bright red silicone demon complete with tail and horns that was made originally as a bespoke commission for a film company by Abyss creations (the makers of Realdoll). If I tell you, it needs 50000USD, then you must think that it is too expensive, you must not afford it. Don’t worry, there are no these kinds of dolls.

On the flip side, if you are going to buy a standard skin elf sex doll, she is not much expensive than other kinds of demon love dolls. If you want to buy your favorite elf sex doll, you even cannot be immersed in these existing love dolls online, for example, you can find your preferred elf person in movies or games.

Your Perfect Fantasy Sex Parter

When you finish your work and go home with a tired body, only to find that a full-size elf sex doll stood fully clothed in the corner of the room is an ornament, a talking piece, a collector’s item. Indeed, for some that is exactly what these girls are.

However, many people may have a misconception, which is that these are merely sex dolls where with high-end TPE and Silicone girls the reality is somewhat closer to them being interactive works of art. Yes, sex with them is an option in the same way that you can use the internet to watch porn but having the internet does not necessitate that is what you are doing with it.

 Apart from that, you can travel with her. She can company you day and night. She can take a shower, have lunch, and drink coffee with you when you feel lonely. 

Demon Sex Doll Video | Elf Sex Dolls Real Videos | Vampire Love Sex Doll Factory Video

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Watching the real shot video of the factory, you can get the details of the demon sex doll in all directions, so as to help you buy the best real love sex doll.