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A Story, a Review, a Guide about Dale (post by our customer Jeffrey)

Anime Sex Doll (1)

The guide is important please read The web page has the basics, but I have tips that can make your doll last longer. The TPE will dry out and tear normal water is not good enough.

Its hard for me to figure out where to start, I was thinking of telling my thought processes of how I justified buying this expensive item. How I went from buying a 22$ dollar fruit cup sex toy master baiter, to a torso, then to a full doll. When I bought the fruit cup sex toy I wanted something more visual to look at, that visual aid turned into something I wanted to squeeze/hump/ touch/ lay next to under the covers. The thing is the torso was the next thing I wanted, but the problem was I live with family members that would not approve, so I thought to myself I could hide it in my guitar case next to my bedstand, but all the torso sex toys were just to big for that. The next thought came well fuck if I cant directly hide this, I might as well hide this in plain sight, see……… the kind of guy that could jack off to video game characters….anime porn…fortnite…good graphics. I knew I could pass off my TPE sex doll as a one of my favorite video game characters Blue Rose, from Hyper Universe. I guess my real first thing I wanted to buy was a PVC figurine Mad Moxxi from Borderlands Franchise, you know the one with clown makeup, Big tits and a nice southern American Bell accent. The price of that one was 240$ and the Torso sex toy was around that price. Back to the doll….. it worked every person that came down to the basement that has seen her just think shes a highly advanced figurine I can dress up, except my friends told them the full story because Im a weird open guy like that.

The review……….its really kind of half a story and 2 different reviews. Ill start with the service of UUSEXDOLL vender. Give him a 4.9 star review out of 5 total. To be honest was no one is perfect but he is close. The customer service representative known as Judy was completely willing to comply and help me make Dale AF Doll into Blue Rose. I showed him a picture of the character from my video game and with some really nice makeup work and some long anime hair, that was costume braided for me we were able to come up with something really close.

Think there was a slight miscommunication on my part I also wanted some similar clothing as well with the doll to fit the cosplay and judy did a great job helping me find the dress later on and was willing to get it to me free of charge, but I needed it sooner so I got it on amazon as well. I like UUSEXDOLL web page because its new and I have fun talking to judy about inspiration for new dolls and sex toys, and trends in the porn world. Now that I have my Blue Rose cosplay done.

I can review the product. How the doll feels can be an entire discussion on its own. First off TPE feels like how boobs feel nice bouncy, squishy, not to firm not to soft so big boobs feel super nice. I would recommend TPE if you want your doll to feel real, however if you want your doll to feel hard like super toned muscle with almost no bounce or play at all get silicone. Plus side to silicone is less maintenance, you don’t need to clean as often. For some reason I really love dressing the doll up, mine is about 37KG/91Lb weight so even getting the tights on was hard, but you can get a suspension kit for the neck of the doll and hang it in your closet, if you lay the doll down to much you will flatten out the ass or what ever the skeleton is laying on, the kit is only 15$ or so. I also recommend getting the standing feet, if your already spending the full amount for the doll most site sell for extra but if I remember right UUSEXDOLL is free, so you can have the weight on the feet. I also super recommend getting some nice sexy boots and some king of sock to prevent hair, dust, and damage to the feet. The boots also stabilize the doll making it easier to stand, if you have massive tits she is going to lean forward or backwards a lot. In my picture you can see she has pads behind her, the ones she came with to lean on.

She feels real when your grabbing and stabbin’ if you know what im sayin’. The experience from using your hand on yourself to having both hands on the prize from behind is super real feeling.

I was way more intimate was groping the tits and stabbing from behind sort of like this but standing. I recommend getting a doll 2inchs or about 7cm tall than you so standing position can be easier anything shorter than you and all standing positions go out the window, because you cant fuck a belly button. unless your some kind of body builder and can lift her up or shes super short. Her waist needs to be higher than yours.

I have one of the fruit jelly masterbaiter cups made from silica gel/ silicone, this doll feels way better on the dick, I was able to feel the different bumps and ridges on the TPE, and could not on the silica stuff, also lube defiantly required I heard of people getting burns on their skin similar to rug or wrestling mat burns from their dolls from the friction. Other side note TPE for some reason is great at retaining heat temperature I noticed my insert pussy was still warm 6-10 mins after getting out of the shower and walking down in my cold basement.

I do “not” recommend lying in bed with this other than a quick sex. People tend to roll around when sleeping and her fingers are literally floating wires from the wrist down, so it would be very easy to puncture herself, or tear off; not only that, but also she will get massively filthy with all the dust on your skin, bed and everything. This is where I get into the guide, or some tips and tricks to take care of one.

Give my doll I got 4.5 stars out of 5 my regrets, I wish I got the upgraded double jointed skeleton frame with real hands instead of the floating wires, so my doll could be way more flexible and use more props in her hands. Only 2 brands I know is doing frames like that and its WM dolls and piper dolls.

The Guide………one of the first things you will run into is staining from clothing. its only getting stained because the TPE is dried out and its wanting moisture so bad its taking in the pigments/dyes. There are some videos on youtube for roman bath treatment for TPE dolls. Mainly the bath is using 100% mineral oil or petroleum jelly to make the doll moist again, this also will expel some of the stains on the doll. Use oil base paints and products for make up and things for the doll just to be sure it can be removed. Buy and extra pussy insert that way you can test makeup/paints/products/removal a head of time, just to be sure.  The mineral oil and jelly are your best friends. Mineral oil is almost instant when you need to bend an arm or leg real fast to get clothing on, you want the TPE to be saturated. The jelly is something you want to use about once every 20 days or so. Let the jelly soak into the tpe for about a day, plus its really super fun and feels awesome! I got hard on just rubbing her boobs down. The jelly also needs to be used in the high traffic areas and bending spots to prevent tearing. If you get a tear in an armpit or the pits in the sex spot/thigh pit, rest in peace your doll, those spots are always under some kind of tension so even using glue/TPE solvent or melting the TPE is massive hard to fix. Spreading the legs to sex is one of the first spots to have potential issues. A downside to TPE staying warm and wet after sex is, it’s a breeder for bacteria, so I would clean her every 4 days at least unless you want a urinary tract infection, than go ahead an wait a month like elsa’s frozen let it grow. On the cleaning….if you have the insert version of the doll you can take it out and clean it in the shower with you, and the cavity left behind you can stick your fist in there with flushable butt wipes. Rule of thumb there use soap and wipes tell she don’t smell like sex anymore. The built in/ fixed pussy, the options are way less you will need to use the cleaning squirt bottle that comes with the doll and soap and water. To dry her out use a Absorbent Stick for Male Masturbators, it’s a rod that absorbs water and can be reused.

The standing feet is a must have, if you don’t have the hook to hang her up. If you don’t, she will flatten out and her butt or boobs will get smaller and out of shape.

The side note……, dolls seem to be getting better all the time, because way more demand for them with covid-19. Its becoming more popular and excepting to have them in the house. There are so many things with dolls that sould always be standard, like the standing feet should always be free.  Don’t get a Discount/fake doll, from placed like Alibaba or ali express, so I know its cheaper and super tempting to get one for half the price, but the TPE is not good at all on them. Some sites claim they can get you the same doll that is 1400$ for 700$ or less it’s a lie. They will give you a “something” but it will never be a legitimate brand doll, and you will have no idea what features it will have…..hell sometimes they don’t even have feet, or a good skeleton I hear reports of fake dolls even braking in half.

I think every one sould get a doll even couples or people that are single, these dolls have way more potential than just sex, I have lots of fun pretending shes a friend I gave her a xbox controller to play video games with me on top of the cosplay, I was even thinking of getting an extra one lots of fun and sex stuff.

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