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Homemade Sex Doll: Guidance on How to Make One

More and more people start to choose a customization sex doll for themself, because they want to get one sex doll which fits them most. They choose to do this so that they can have different sex experience with the doll which can spice up their sex desire to a great extent. Of course, we are happy to supply all kinds of services for our customers, like pre-sales, after-sales, customization service. At this time, many customers want to know how to make a sex doll, so that they can make a sex doll at home.

Would you want to have your own sex doll who has a face, wig, tail, pussy, and anus? Please continue to read the follw0oiung content. We will mention all the process of making a sex doll.

Premium Love Dolls Designed And Built to Your Needs

If you want to customize your sex doll, then you would visit our customization page, choosing your preferred body type, skin tone, head type, hairstyle, eye color, mouth type, vagina type, and so on. Uusexdoll can customize your favorite sex doll according to your needs. We promise that we will never let you down if you choose to customize your sex doll from us. You will be impressed and astonished when you received your sex doll.

Come and Customize Your Sex Doll Now

Please enter into our customization page first, choosing your preferred options now. Different options, different pleasure. If you have any questions, please contact the seller before you submit your order. Next, you need to fill in your contact information so that we can ship to you securely. Once we review your request, we’ll let you know if we can do the work for you. We’ll also let you know the cost of your customization sex doll. Here are some tips for making sure that you get the doll you want:

First: Be very detailed in describing your doll. Give us her measurements, skin tone, and describe her facial features. Our artists need this information to get started.

Second: Be responsive. We may have questions for you. We don’t want to proceed unless we are absolutely sure we are moving in the right direction.

Third: Look for our photographs of your work in progress. We’ll start with a clay model, then send you pictures. Let us know if we are on the right track!

Forth: We can work from photographs that you send us to some extent. However, there are limitations to this. We’ll address that below.

Fifth: Choose between a full sex-doll or a head. Some of our customers are only interested in purchasing a custom designed head. They can then add this to a doll they purchase ‘off the rack’.

At last, Please store it in some places where the kids cannot find it. And plus, you had better clean it before and after using it for the long-term service. What’s important is that we have our own trademark and we will never reproduce any fake dolls. All dolls have a quality guarantee. We can design a doll that has many same features as other dolls rather than trademarked dolls.

Of course, if you feel that the sex doll is too expensive to buy, here, I would like to teach you how to make a DIYsex doll.

Realistic sex dolls are very popular and they are highly demanded, almost everyone wants to get them as their sex pleasure toy. Compared with other sex toys, sex dolls not only can satisfy your sex needs, but bring you a spirt sustenance. There are two main sex dolls at the market, TPE sex doll and blowup sex doll, the latter is the cheapest one.

In this post, I will list one method about how to make a homemade sex doll

I just watched 2 Chains learn how to make a sex doll. The internet is a magical place.

— ashley putman (@asheradical) January 18, 2019

Underwear sex doll

With underwear sex doll process, you can build the imagination of lower part of women.

Required things: Underwear, 2 medium size towel, small towel, glove, belt and bands.

Process: Homemade sex doll with Underwear is easy to make.

First, begin with the penetration part. Use a small towel and sponge to make vagina part.

If do not part to make vagina part, then you can bring it from the market too. Many sizes and type of masturbator are available. You can pick on them according to your desire.

Now, became the making of sex doll. Cut out the underwear to fix the masturbator or homemade masturbator. Be careful while cutting. Do not keep it lose. Fit the masturbator perfectly in the cut-out.

Now roll both medium size towel and fit it in both legs of the underwear. Keeps the rolled towel hanging for both legs, to feel like sex doll leg.

Secure it with the help of a band or belt. If you feel free space in the underwear, you can fix it with some more towels.

Now it is ready to use. Just pour some lubricant in the masturbator and have fun.

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